So this is love

Around this time about 8 years ago I was at my aunts hanging out with her, her boyfriend, his friends and some of my friends.  We were celebrating someone graduating from school.  A guy walked out of my aunts house and walked up to me and offered me a beer.  I looked at my friend sitting next to me and mentioned something about him being “hot” I believe were the words that came out of my mouth.  Little did I know that that moment changed my entire life.

Now a few months earlier when I called home from college my aunt had handed the phone off to some guy I didn’t know, but he had this southern accent that sort of put me in a trance. Him and I talked for awhile and then the phone was given back to my aunt.  The night that I met him in person and the words “do you ladies want a beer?” I knew that had to be the guy.  Same sexy southern accent that had put me in a trance months ago that chilly spring evening.  As days went on and I started spending more and more time around him I started to fall harder and harder for him.  Like I said in the section about me there was just something about him that was SO different then all the other guys I’d dated in the past.  Maybe it was the fact that he was a little older and was so much more mature then all the others. Maybe it was that sexy southern accent that would render me completely weak in the knees. Maybe it was his southern charm and how he always made it a point to open doors for me, call me ma’am and have the utmost respect that a girl could ask for.  He treated me like a princess, now he treats me like his queen.  Whatever reason it was he had my heart, which was such an amazing and scary feeling all at the same time.

I hadn’t had the worlds greatest track record when it came to guys and letting them have my heart.  It had been torn apart, stepped on and shattered a few too many times so this time I wanted to make sure I did things the right way.  And when he was ok with us going slow, that’s when I knew…..he was the one.  Despite the fact that I was the one who wanted to go slow I was the first one to say “I love you”.  He didn’t say it back right away because like me he was a little afraid of jumping on the train again and having his heart broken. But I’ll never forget the first time he said it and the way I felt.  Before I knew it we were engaged.  We were so happy, unfortunately that happiness wasn’t shared by everyone.  My family thought I was insane.  “You’ve known him for two months what do you really even know about him?”  I didn’t care, I knew enough to know that I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.  Yes we both had baggage and a past but everyone does and it didn’t matter to me what kind of past he had, I had accepted it and loved every bit of it because it made him who he is.  “Well he’s from the south, they beat their women.”  Well we are from the north and I’ve heard of women being beat here too, that was just stereotypes that came from their mouths and I chose to ignore.  Plus, he told me he didn’t believe in it for many reasons.  Finally, after my family saw that I wasn’t budging on the subject and I was marrying him whether I had their support or not we set a date and a little over a year later were married.

Honestly it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made, especially at that time.  I was a little reckless and didn’t always think before I acted or thought of what the out come would be after I’d done it.  But this has been such an amazing adventure and our love story in my eyes is so incredibly beautiful.  We hold each other up through everything, and when things have gotten really hard we didn’t bail on each other we stuck together and worked through it.  We joke that I’m the biscuits to his gravy, and ya know what? I love being his biscuit and I wouldn’t have it any other way…….

Happy Wednesday my friends may the rest of your day be blessed and filled with nothing but love and happiness!


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