The many adventures of Us

Those of you who know me extremely well know that there really never is a dull moment with me.  It doesn’t matter who I am with we always seem to have an adventure of some sort.  I could honestly write a book on all the crazy, hilarious and stupid things that happen when I’m with someone and the last two weeks would definitely have a chapter of it’s own.

On Memorial day the kids, dog, husband and myself jumped in our truck after months of preparation, days of packing and frantically getting all my ducks in order and headed south.  We drove to Sioux Falls and stayed with our buddy that night.  The drive down seemed to take way longer then I remember to get to Sioux Falls.  I may have had a few moments of road rage but when the speed limit says 65mph it means that’s the minimum!  To be honest the speed limit is more like a guideline, according to my cousin =P.

So we stopped that night and ate a home cooked meal, and sat around and B.Sed for the night.  Our daughter made a new friend with our buddies dog, Eva wasn’t impressed.  She kept sharing her doritos with Chunks(the dog) and Eva just stared like “how dare you those are my table scraps”.  That I believe is what led to the first scuffle that happened between Chunks and Eva.  That was broke up pretty quickly.  Thank goodness Eva was right by me and I’m stronger then she is now, because our daughter was right underneath them when they started to fight.  But this is how much Eva looks out for her babies, the whole time she was trying to put Chunks in his place I saw her eyes glancing down at our daughter and she would push Chunks up in the air so they wouldn’t hurt her.  I grabbed Eva by her collar and pulled back, our buddy grabbed his dog and pulled him back and my husband grabbed our daughter by her arm and ripped her out of the line of fire.  She was so scared, but despite the fact that she was under a dog fight once it was over she went over to each of them separately and gave them love.  She wasn’t afraid of them at all.
That scuffle should’ve been enough for me to say that’s enough and put Eva up, but I had had a couple beers and thought ah they’ll be fine now that they got it out of there systems.  Stupid thinking on my part.  Later when we went inside we were sitting in the living room and Chunks went to my husband and he naturally started to talk to him and pet him.  Eva wasn’t having it and tried to push her way in the middle and they went at it again.  This time they had each other and weren’t letting go.  Chunks had Eva by the chest and Eva had Chunks by his ear.  All I could see was this wasn’t going to end well.  My husband had Eva and was trying his hardest to get her off of Chunks and our buddy was trying like hell to get the two of them separated.  Finally when I was about to kick the two of them in the head our buddy hit them hard enough that they let go.  my husband took Eva to the bedroom and the tech in me kicked in.  Check over both of them and make sure no one needs stitches or anything else.  Chunks was fine despite the puncture wound to his ear and small laceration over his eye.  Eva on the other hand…..the owner in me kicked the tech in me out of the way and I was worried.  She’s older than Chunks by nine years and she can’t get down like she used to.  I went into the bedroom and she was panting like crazy, she had blood on her chest and face and I couldn’t find the source.  I could tell her blood pressure was high because her eyes were blood-shot and her gums were dark red.  I did my best to play technician and stop worrying, I played tech long enough to find her wounds.  She had a laceration above her left eye, that wasn’t actually discovered till a few days later.  She had a couple scratches on her head, then it was time to figure out where the blood on her chest was coming from.  I ran my hand over her chest and found where the blood had come from.  He had only scratched her chest where he was holding on to her with his teeth.  I grabbed the muscle that was there and it felt swollen, so I poked around when I felt and found a hole.  He didn’t puncture her skin at all, shockingly, but he did put a hole in the tissue underneath.  I’m still not positive if it’s the muscle that he punctured or if it is fat. It didn’t really swell until she was running a week later and it didn’t swell that much.  She doesn’t limp from it so I’m thinking it’s fat.  Anyway, the owner in me kicked back into over drive and I called her old vet and a friend of mine.  I wanted to make sure if I didn’t take her in that it would be ok.  She told me what I already knew “keep an eye on it, if it swells and she seems painful may need antibiotics for a possible abscess.”  So I gave her some of her pain meds I brought with and kept an eye on her through the night…..Not how I wanted to start our vacation but, it could’ve been worse so I can’t complain too much.

The next morning we were off again.  We drove from Sioux Falls to St. Louis.  Little dude was awake until about 45 minutes before we stopped in St. Louis.  I couldn’t believe it, but he also had his vtech tablet and was playing that almost the entire time.  We made him turn it off when we went through Kansas City so he could see the Kansas City Cheifs stadium and all the cool architecture.  He loved it.  When we left St. Louis he was so excited about all the things that he could see.  We saw the Cardinals stadium and the arch. He loved the arch he thought it was sooo cool.  Once we were out of Missouri we went through a small section of Illinois and stopped in the town of Metropolis so he could see the giant Superman statue.   He thought it was so cool.  We of course took pictures with it and bought him some superman stickers and a key chain.  Then it was off to Kentucky…….To be continued…….=D


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