What happened to the competition?

Whatever happened to competition in sports?  The mind-set of you need to work your ass off at try-outs to make the cut? The “if I want to make the team I want to play on I’ve got to nail this try-out.”  and if you just weren’t good enough you didn’t make it.  Where’s the pressure to make the team that there was when I had to try out for sports?  Now if you want to play basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, be a cheerleader, on the dance team you just show up.  They may have try outs but they don’t cut anyone.  WHY?! Why are we babying this generation?  It drives me nuts!  There is nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy competition.  It teaches that not everything can be handed to you, and I think it gives some kids some discipline along with a little thicker skin.  For some reason we are now living in a world where there is a bunch of big ass babies.  You don’t get your way, guess what I’m going to slap a law suit on your ass.  Oh you didn’t put my child in the game as long as someone else, I’m going to complain to have you removed as a coach to the board.  Everybody is so damn butt hurt all the time over the stupidest shit.  REALLY!? MAKE YOUR KID GROW A PAIR! or maybe grow a pair yourself.  Apparently this is the AWESOME world we live in today.

The other night our son had a t-ball game and whenever he would catch the ball he’d get a little cocky and rub it in that he caught the ball to all the other kids.  At one point he had caught the ball three times in a row, and I over heard a parent say “well he should give the other kids a chance he’s not the only player on the team.”  Really?  hmm your one of those moms.  “oh my poor baby hasn’t had a chance to catch a ball yet.”  It’s sickening.  I didn’t say anything I just kept my comments to myself, which a lot of people know is REALLY hard for me to do.  But I did think to myself you’ve got to be kidding me.  When the ball is hit straight to him is he just supposed to stand there and let someone run from the other side of the field to get the ball?  No, last I checked it was a team effort.  If someone catches a pop fly it’s a whoop whoop for the entire team not just the player who caught it.  If someone throws that ball to first and gets the runner out it’s another whoop whoop for the team.  They aren’t on a team to be against each other.  In every sport there is a couple of players that rock it and some even carry the team and when they want to score a basket or a touch down you throw the ball to that player.  Your bases are loaded and your down a couple of points, to bring you out above the other team you want to put your best batter at the plate to get as many of those base runners in to home that you can.  It’s called team work and strategy.  Now I’m not saying my son is the best player, he’s so far from it.  But why do we have to be so childish about something as simple and stupid as one of the kids catching the ball three times in a row.  As of right now they aren’t even playing for points, they are playing to learn the game.  What in the world is going to happen when her kid plays when it’s older and doesn’t get to play like she thinks they should.  She’ll probably be one of those that pulls the you either play my kid more or I’ll make sure your not coach anymore card.  It’s things like that that make me cringe when I think about my kids generation.  Where in the hell did these parents come up with this crap?  We were not raised like that, at least not my generation anyway.
They are going to be the generation that anyone and everyone that wants to play something can just show up and every single player will get played.  I’m sorry that’s just wrong!  There are some kids out there that aren’t meant to play sports.  Then there are some out there that are meant to play sports and they are really good at it and deserve scholarships.  But those kids that want to play sports and probably really shouldn’t can excel at other things.  There’s rodeo team, there’s debate team, math team, 4H, FFA, band, theatre, choir….there are endless clubs and things out there that kids can do that you can still be their number one cheerleader at it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sport.  Not everyone is made for sports.

Then there’s the “Everyone’s a Winner” crap.  Nope sorry not everyone is a winner.  Why are we over shadowing those kids that eat, live and breathe that sport that they are playing?  Yes I agree that youth sports are supposed to be fun and it’s just a game, BUT this is a great time to also teach children that not everyone can win all the time.  This is the perfect way to teach them how to deal with disappointment, considering that there is a lot of it in life.  There are going to be times that they don’t pass a test, they don’t get that trophy they worked so hard for, they didn’t get that job the really wanted and teaching them how to deal with a loss and MOVE ON after a disappointment is going to be a hell of a lot easier now then when they are say 10, 16 or 21 years old.   It’s really obnoxious when a 21-year-old throws a tantrum like a 2-year-old because they didn’t get that job they wanted or worse some may even take their own lives because “my life sucks I didn’t get the job.”  Yep that’s the type of humans that are being raised these days!  Giving every child a “participation trophy” because they showed up and played is making our kids egos shoot through the roof at something that they might not really be that great at.    I have nothing against encouraging a kid to do something that they want to do but they need to know that in order to be good at it they need to work hard at it and not expect it to just be handed to them or that God has just blessed them with such talent.  But when they treat everyone equal they are undermining those kids that are really putting an effort into that sport and putting 110% in to what they are doing. The “let’s treat all kids the same” out look in my eyes is total crap because not all kids are the same, like I said before sometimes sports aren’t meant for everyone.  How about we try this, for those kids who are excelling and in fact are kicking butt and taking names get a trophy, those who played and had fun but didn’t do as well give them a ribbon of participation or a certificate that way there’s still some encouragement for those who didn’t receive a trophy.

Myself and my husband have told our son that any game whether it’s a sports game or video game isn’t always about winning, sometimes it’s just about the fun you had while doing it and when you loose you have to move on from it.  That I do believe in firmly at this age.  I can honestly say whenever I played a sport and we won it was awesome and way better than when you lost, but when we lost that gave the team a chance to look at what went wrong and you learned what you needed to change to fix it.  But it also taught me to deal with disappointment for real life.  I did notice that when our son caught the ball three times in a row and he was getting cocky that he would rub it in to his team mates a little bit more than he needed to.  So my husband and I had to explain to him that he is on a team and it’s not a competition with his team mates to see who gets the ball first or more, it’s about working together to beat the other team.  “But mom we don’t keep score.”  No they don’t because right now they are trying to teach everyone the basics of baseball.   When he gets older I will change the philosophy of winning isn’t everything, I want him to try and not have the mind set of “if winning isn’t everything then why should I try it’ll just come to me.” That’s a terrible mind set to have and how the youth of today act.   I myself don’t want to raise two big babies that believe that they will have everything handed to them and deserve it.  If they are really into sports and want to attempt to get a scholarship or be as good as that professional player, then they need to learn that hard work, persistence, effort and a little sacrifice will get you a long way.  But it’s not guaranteed that you’ll become MVP of the game or get a scholarship for that sport.  Not just sports, everything, they are going to learn about hard work and working for what you want.  There’s so much more of a reward in working hard, giving it your all and coming out on top.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I just wish more parents would have that mind set instead of handing everything to their children, tell me what does that teach them?



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