the life of a USPS worker in a small town

untitledYa know I’d like to complain that I have a job that I’m not the worlds biggest fan of, and honestly I’m not, but really I can’t complain too much.  Everyone says “oh you work for the post office?  That’s a good company to work for.”  Yes you are right it is a great company to work for once you look past the ridiculous rules and outrageous amounts of paperwork that needs to be done.  The constant complaints I get about how stupid the postal service is especially when they loose someone’s package and the days where I some how end up being the back board for people to come in and vent about so and so not paying this bill or the other crap going on in their lives, there are days I feel like a therapist.  Beside those down falls, that some days drive me insane it’s not all bad and I really can’t complain too much.

I work in an office by myself.  So I can listen to whatever music I want to, I can do things how I want to make things flow better in MY office, I only work 4.3 hours a day Monday -Friday and an hour and a half on Saturday mornings.  I can walk to work every day which saves A LOT in gas, and when John has ended up in the hospital my boss has been so awesome with me bringing the kids to work with me.  It’s not easy bringing them with, but when your 3 hours from family help you do what you have to and once I lay down the law they usually are really good.

Since I’ve had kids I’ve learned to become more flexible with things and roll with a lot of mishaps.  So when I received a phone call from my husband at 6am one morning that he drove himself to the ER that night and they admitted him, he was in big trouble for that.  I get that he wanted me to get sleep because I hadn’t gotten much that week, but I’ll sleep when I’m dead and shockingly enough I can still function pretty well with little sleep thanks to my vice -coffee.  I called my boss that morning and said either she needed to find someone to cover my office or I’m going to be bringing the kids with.  Didn’t have anyone to cover the office so taking the kids with it was.  When I first became a mom this would have stressed me out so bad and possibly thrown me over the edge. I would’ve been bawling while getting the kids ready trying to figure out what I was going to do.  I’ve learned crying usually doesn’t help the situation at all, so what’s the point?  When I crawl into bed and the kids are asleep that’s when I can fall apart if I really need to.  Whenever I end up having to bring the kids with me to work, everyone in town is so nice about it.  They always sit there and talk to the kids, especially Johnny.  He’s got this thing where he has to take every single one of my stamps that are in the office and stamp at least 3-4 sheets of paper, sign his name on each one, then when someone comes to the counter to pick up their mail he “sells” it to them.  What they do with it after they leave doesn’t really matter, the point is that they entertain him and the smile he gets from “helping out” makes me smile.

I could never get away with bringing the kids with me to work anywhere else.  That would have never flown when I was working at any of my clinics.  And I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to a job that I could walk, even when I was living in town I had to drive to my job if I wanted to get there on time.  So yes there are some major perks to working for the postal service in a small town, with a boss who is very understanding.  Once I look past the ridiculous requests that corporate asks us to do on a daily/weekly basis and the feeling like a therapist with some of the people in town, like seriously I know things about some of these people that I shouldn’t and probably no one else does in town, it’s not to bad of a job.  It pays the bills and gives me the time with my family that I wanted.  No it’s not as rewarding as being a vet tech was, but it pays WAY better then tech pay did and it has opened doors for us that I don’t think would be there if I was a tech.  No I don’t love my job like I did when I was a tech, but it’s a job and it helps support my family and honestly I’ll do any job if it means my family is taken care of and we can have a little fun on the side.


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