Adrenaline Junky

When I first started out as a vet tech there was something about it that gave me a feeling like I was as high as the sky and my adrenaline would just fly.  I’ve never experienced anything like it. The intense surgery mornings most days at the clinic I was at for two years where such an adrenaline rush.  There were mornings we would be trying to get through the surgeries while also some how managing to help out where it was needed all while watching the clock to see if we will make it for a full lunch or a quick bite.  Then there was the dreaded phrase “surgery tech pick up line 1 its Doctor Tom.”  Crrraaaapppp. There were days I was surgery tech and I’d try so hard and refuse to answer that call, because I knew what he was going to say really we didn’t even have to answer it, but I had to suck it up and do it anyway.  So you pick it up and he tells you who he is followed by “I’m going to need you guys to get the surgery suite ready to do this orthopedic that was referred to us.”  You would respond with a “yep” but in your head your thinking, yep I’ll fit you in with the other 12 surgeries I have this morning along with a possible c-section why not I didn’t want to eat today or go home tonight.  The constant going and nonstop pace that the clinic had been something I loved for the longest time.  It was a feeling of success.  When you walk away from an afternoon that goes into a night of a dog that’s in kidney failure and hanging on for life, a blood transfusion dog having an allergic reaction to the blood it’s receiving while the dog next to him is seizuring, and your yelling to your doctor for diazepam and the crash kit, it’s a rush.  But when everyone is alive when you walked out the door that night it is a huge reward.  It’s even better when you come back the next day and the dog you didn’t expect to make it through the night but prayed that it did, made it!  Those where the best days.

A couple of days ago I felt that high feeling again.  I received a phone call from my cousin saying his dad gave his dog an entire Ribeye steak and now the dog has diarrhea.  “Every time he gets people food he craps in the house and there’s blood in it.” Well I put my technician hat on and kick it in gear.  Lets do the diarrhea schpeal- “did he get into anything he shouldn’t have?”  was my first question  “No.”  Ok, that eliminates a few things.  “I wouldn’t worry about the blood so much because it’s just his colon is irritated. If its bright red I wouldn’t worry, if it starts looking like he is pooping out coffee grounds and it’s dark then we need to look internally and you’ll have to take him to a vet.  I would take away his food for about 24 hours.  Then tomorrow late afternoon grill up some chicken, rinse off ALL the grease, boil some regular white rice and mix it together.  Don’t season any of it.  No butter, pepper or salt.  Give him 2-3 tablespoons and wait about 45 minutes to an hour and see how he does with that.  Then give him about 1/4 of  a cup and wait another hour and a half, if after that he seems ok then give him a whole cup and wait 12 hours to feed him another cup.  Give him a cup every 12 hours for about 24-36 hours then introduce him to his food.  If he doesn’t get better with that or eats and it goes straight through him, take him in he may need antibiotics, possible blood work and a fecal work up. If anything else pops up don’t hesitate to call.”  Once I hung up with him it was like I had this smile plastered on my face and I couldn’t get it off.  It felt good to give a talk over the phone again.  Oddly enough I would love to give the allergy schpeal, I grew pretty fond of it 😉

It’s a feeling that I haven’t had in a while from something I loved doing so much.  I loved that job.  There was and still is no better feeling than helping to save a life, or help someone understand what is going on with their pet.  It’s not a feeling I get to enjoy at the post office, and that’s the part of being a tech I miss.  I mattered, I used to save lives and help clients through so many different things.  I loved educating people on certain things.  Taking care of those pets that where sick and in the hospital for days, watching them get better and walk out of the clinic.  It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in over a year and I truly miss it.  I’m sure I’ll miss it till I go back.  I don’t just miss saving lives and all that came with being a tech, I miss the respect.  I felt like my friends and family members finally had respect for me and saw that I was an adult.  They were all so proud of me and the fact that I had a dream that I chased and now was living it and doing what I went to school for.  I feel like now that I’m in the postal position I’ve lost that respect from a lot of people. But when my daughter came I wanted to be home with her more.  So being where we are right now is exactly what I needed.  This is where I’m supposed to be at in life.

God sent us away from our house to show me that I need to be back here, if that makes sense.  I need to be back here with my family, helping my husband raise our babies as a team through this crazy thing called life.  It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but the bumps have built character and close relationships that were meant to be.  They say when one door closes God opens a window, honestly I think he opens another door.  He opened a door to me at the clinic that I was working at for two years because I didn’t have a door opening at the clinic I was working at before.  I had the opportunity to live the life of a vet tech for two years and give us the stability and security we needed to feel ready to have another baby.  When I went back to work all I wanted to do was stay home with my daughter, so I didn’t enjoy my job like I did when I left.  I had something else filling my heart up at the moment and I wanted every minute of every day to be with her.  I used to be so jealous of my husband because he was with her all day.  I wanted that so bad like I did with our son.  When it came down to us wanting to buy a house there, the cards were constantly stacked against us.  I used to be completely heart-broken about that.  I had a good job that I loved doing, but we can’t find a place there and our house out here was paid off.  It was a really hard thing for me to wrap my head around and try to decide what to do.  I think that was another way of God showing us that this is where we need to be.  When our daughter came and everything changed, I debated about going part-time for a while until I was ok with being away from her longer.  But that just told me no, I need to find something else, something that I can be home with her more and more for my family. They need me.  So God opened another door out here while one closed at my old job and in the town that our da was born.  It was a little bit of a scary jump back out where we have no family and I didn’t have the best paying job.  But God was there holding our hand the entire way and each and every day we found a way until we came to a point where we are better than ok…….we are good.  Even when it felt like he wasn’t there, he was.  He was there the entire time and he still is and knowing that is a high in its self.  And some day when it’s time to go back to the vet world I will answer the call and get that feeling of being as high as the sky back….


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