Good Habits to start now

The other day my husband was out washing his car, in case you don’t know my husband has a love affair with his vehicles.  I’m ok with it, I’d rather he does that then have a love affair with the bar.  I know where he is, I know what he’s doing and I know he’s not out with some floosy trying to destroy my marriage.  People must think it drives me crazy because they ask me all the time “doesn’t that bug you?” Nope, like I said I’d rather he does that then go to the bar.  Anyway, when he was done washing his car he washed the 4 wheeler.  He’s also really big on maintaining everything, hey if you don’t keep things maintained you have to continually replace them and we don’t have that kind of money.  So if he wants to wash the lawn mower I don’t care as long as I don’t have to buy a new one.
Once he was done our son asked why dad always washes his car, my car, the truck, the 4 wheeler and the lawn mower.  I giggled and told him he doesn’t wash the lawn mower he just rinses it off when we are done mowing, it keeps pullies and belts cleaner instead of getting tore up from having grass and other junk on it.  Then I told him that your cars look nicer when you wash them.  They shine and rust less if you get the elements from the road and environment off of them.  This must have made something spark in his brain, because the next day he asks me where some soap is.  I told him there was dish soap in the kitchen and bath soap in the bathroom pick which ever.  When he started to run for the house to get the soap I stopped him in his tracks.  “What are you up to?”  He stuttered a little like he was going to do something he shouldn’t so again I asked him what he was going to do with the soap.  “Mom, I have to wash my truck.  There’s sand inside of it and it’s dusty and isn’t shiny.”  Hahaha, that’s my boy.  I let him run in and get the soap and I got him a bucket.  He wanted me to show him how to turn on the hose, so I showed him and asked him if he wanted help.  “Mom, I’ve watched dad do this like 90 20 million times.” haha ok whatever 90 20 million means but apparently he’s got this.  He picks up the hose and rinses off the truck.  He grabs the rag my husband used the other day drops it in his bucket then pulls it out and starts washing his truck.  Our daughter apparently thought this looked fun too and wanted in on it.  So I got a rag for her too and she started helping her brother wash their truck together.

As I was sitting there watching them wash their truck, I had this vision of when they start driving and washing their vehicles when they get older.  They both watch dad wash his vehicles all the time and sometimes even want to help.  Hopefully we can instill in them that if you take good care of your vehicle it will last you longer than if you just drive it and don’t wash it, check fluids, check tires all the fun stuff that goes with having a vehicle.  Then this bright idea pops up, they sort of have a vehicle now.  Granted it’s made up of mostly plastic and the tires aren’t real, but maybe if we show him how to check the air in the tires on his bike and how to check his chain on his bike that could carry on to when he’s older and he will know he needs to take better care of his vehicles.  my husband showed him how to check the air in his tires and how to put air in it, how much I think will come when he’s older and understands it better.  I told him it’s a good habit to get into with washing his vehicles and making sure the chain on his bike is as greased up as it should be and the tires have enough air every time he gets on it.  He agreed and then he said “I’m going to wash my truck every week.  I don’t want it to rust and I want it to last so my sister can drive it when she’s big enough.”  Smart thinking buddy.  I just wish that kind of clean ambition would be projected towards his room…….


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