You can never be too safe

The other day as I was outside with the kids and the neighbor kids when this champagne colored suburban pulls up in front of the yard.  I’d never seen this vehicle before and I know almost every vehicle in the town and who it belongs to, and this was out-of-place.  At the time I paid no attention to the license plate so there were no bells and whistles that went off when they probably should-be.  There was a lady in the front passenger seat, a male driving and this other guy gets out of the back seat.  He’s got a tattoo on the side of his neck and all over his arms, they aren’t the most charming pieces of ink work either.
I am the last person to judge when it comes to tattoos.  I have 4 of them and want about a million more and my husband has one entire sleeve, a partially completed sleeve, and has one covering his back.  Both of my parents have ink work including my stepmom, so does my brother some of my cousins and about the majority of my friends.  So no they don’t bother me and I don’t instantaneously think “thug” when I see someone sporting some ink work. However when you have a flat billed hat that is cocked to the side and your pants are being held up by a belt around your butt and your boxers are showing and you say “hey there are you the lady of the house that cleans?” and sound like one of the characters in Boys in the Hood THAT’S when I think thug.
He approached me with a bottle of cleaning solution in his hand.  RED FLAG.  The last time I saw someone driving around “selling” cleaning products was when we were living in town and that night on the news they had a segment about someone going around scamming people to let them come in the house to show them the product and how well it takes stains out of your carpet and a certain percent of the profit goes to their college tuition.  Then later when you would leave your house they would come in and rob you.  I couldn’t go and get my husband because he was in town getting a few groceries and his meds, so it looks like it’s time for me to step up my game followed by trying to remember which gun cabinet the pistol was in.

He starts to attempt to sell me this product by telling me that women were the ones who designed the bottle and tested the new ingredients to take stains out of your carpet and that he gets $100 to his college tuition if I buy a Kirby vacuum.  “Is there a stain in your carpet in your house that you’d like me to take out?”
My first thought was how do you know I even have carpet in my house, followed by good try buddy you may be able to fool the other morons out here but my husband has trained me well “nope.”  was all I said.  Then he tried even harder to convince me and asked me a bunch of questions.  I stayed quiet until he decided to shut up.  I said “no thank you, I can’t afford a Kirby vaccum right now and I’m not interested in whatever else you are selling.”  Then he proceeds to tell me about their payment options for the vaccum and if I let him show me how well the vaccum works and the other cleaning product I get to have the cleaning product for free.  Again I tell him no and thank you have a nice day.
So he gets into the suburban and they start to drive away.  This is when I notice that the tag is a Oregon tag. NOW there are bells, whistles, red flags and anything else you can think of that would alert you to a bad situation and  make me wonder even more where the pistol is.  We are seriously 45 miles from any of the biggest cities followed by 20 miles from any other town, what in the world is someone from Oregon doing in a town of 100 people “selling” cleaning products?  Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?
I call my husband.  He answers and the first words out of my mouth are “When are you going to be home?”  he tells me he’s getting ready to leave now and then asks why.  I told him and he said that I needed to go and get the pistol and take the kids with me.  I was already on my way to get it when I called him, again my husband has trained me well.  Of course my husband took the dog for a ride, if they would’ve seen a pitbull sitting in my yard they may have thought twice about approaching me.  Only problem with that scenario is the damn dog would probably greet them like she hasn’t seen anyone in weeks so she wouldn’t have exactly been intimidating.  Anyway, I go in and get the pistol while the kids are chilling in the livingroom.  Check to see if the clip is full and if there’s one in the chamber, put the safety on and plant that thing behind my back in my belt.  I just had a bad feeling about these people in the pit of my stomach and not having my husband around to protect me, it was time for mama bear to be unlocked from her cage and on alert.

We went back outside and I stayed on very high alert the entire time.  I told the kids to help me keep an eye out for that vehicle.  If they see it driving slowly down our street again or the street on the other side of our land they needed to let me know immediately.  They made a game out of it like they were spies, which is ok because it shows that I didn’t scare them by asking that.  My husband had gotten home about 15 minutes later and I felt safer again, but that pistol stayed in my belt until we went inside for the night I wasn’t quite ready to lock mama bear up yet.  They drove by one more time after he was home and turned around right in front of our house.  I stood there with my husband watching them and had my hand on that pistol the entire time, ready to pull that sucker out at anytime just in case.

At one time in my life I would’ve never thought twice about that situation at all.  The Boys in the Hood appearance wouldn’t have made me wonder, the out-of-state plates out in the middle of nowhere, none of that would’ve said there was anything wrong with that picture.  But then I met my husband and he has taught me so much about situations like that and that I need to constantly be aware.  Before I would’ve probably let them in and been like Free hey yea I love free!  Now, hell no.  If I didn’t call you to come out here you’re not coming in my house.  Even then, if my husbands not home and they were supposed to come out I’m leary about letting them in.  If I do, my stun gun is on one hip and the pistol is on the other.  We are living in a world were women and children are targets.  Obviously this is nothing new, but it’s becoming more and more of a big deal in this state.  With all the crime happening here and all the riff raff coming from these bigger cities all around the US it’s even more important to pay attention to your surroundings at all times.  If your shopping by yourself and walking to your car by yourself put the phone down and be aware of your surroundings.  The cars next to you, the cars in the row over, is there someone in those cars?  If there are have your phone in your hand with 911 already dialed and your finger hovering over send while walking to your car.  Or in my case take that stun gun out have it on and your thumb hovering over that button so if someone wants to try to mess with me they will have 10 million volts shot through their body.  Hey buddy if you want to lose all control over your bodily functions attempt to mess with me.  There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to your safety.

I have a friend that lives out in the country and one day she came home and her house had been hit.  Since that happened she has gotten her concealed carry and she carries her pistol with her everywhere.  It’s not stupid, it’s one of the smartest things a person can do is protect yourself at all times.  Even being out in the boonies doesn’t guarantee safety, sometimes they are the biggest places hit.  Nobody around for witnesses and a lot of people expect it less.  Not in our house, we are always prepared for someone who shouldn’t be there.  We lock every door into our house, every car is locked and there are other security measures in place.  Hitting our house would just be stupid.  The nice thing about our neighbors though is we kind of look out for each other.  If there is a vehicle there that we haven’t seen before and it’s suspicious we call one another.  When my cousin was staying at our house while we were in Alabama our neighbor called to make sure she was supposed to be there.  That’s one good thing about living in a small town, some of us stick together.

So ladies always be aware of your surroundings and always find ways to keep yourself safe, whether it’s getting your concealed carry and having that thing on you at all times or getting a stun gun.  It may be your life some day, or worse your kids that you need to protect from the sick individuals that have the luxury of walking around in this free country.  You truly can never be too safe.



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