Happy Independence Day

July 4th the day that our nation became free.  The day that the nation adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, by the Continental Congress declaring that the thirteen American Colonies regarded themselves as a new nation and were no longer apart of the British Empire.

Yesterday our family hung out, played outside, relaxed, grilled out and just had a fun day celebrating our independence.  Before we shot off fireworks God sent a beautiful little storm so that shooting off fireworks would be safer, plus we needed the moisture really bad.  I have to ask this quick question though.  Besides me posting it above does everyone know why we celebrate our Independence.  Do some just celebrate because that’s what we’ve been doing for years and no one has taught them any different?

I was taught all about the Declaration of Independence in school and why our country was free, I’m hoping they still teach this, but honestly at that time I didn’t really care. But as I got older I remembered that our Independence wasn’t just about that night on July 4th 1776 its so much more.  When I was growing up the 4th was all about camping, being on the river and blowing up things.  I love shooting off fireworks, it’s one of the greatest ways to blow off some steam or just for fun, it probably doesn’t help I’m a bit of a pyro.  Anyway, I think that’s what a lot of people think of on the 4th.  BBQ’s, camping, fireworks, family get together’s all things that just about everyone I know does on the 4th.  But on our day of Independence I hope many took a moment to think of those who are still over seas fighting, those families that were at home celebrating with out their loved ones because they are fighting for your freedom.  Remember why you are free, and all the freedoms you have.  Those freedoms weren’t really free.  So many have lost their lives, their limbs, their mental stability all so that we can do whatever we really want to do and yet some of these freedoms are being taken away from us right under our noses while we sleep.
Gun rights, freedom of speech and so many other laws being put into effect that take our right and ability to do whatever we want away and limit us.  Say a prayer for that soldier today that might be sitting in a fox hole in the desert heat waiting for the enemy to walk by and take him out before he is taken out.  For the soldiers that are over seas and having to celebrate the Independence that they are fighting for while they are there, really they have a bigger reason if not more of reason to celebrate than us.  Pray for their families that they still enjoyed their 4th, and that they will some day soon get to see their loved ones come home.  Pray for our country, for the leaders that are making all these decisions, some of which I believe are destroying us.  Pray that they do what is right for the American people.  Pray that we will have someone put in office this next term that will build this country back up instead of tearing it down.  Let’s pray God is let back into this country like he once was.  President Jefferson once said “A country that fears its government is tyranny, a government that fears it’s country is liberty.”  We need to have that back in this country and fight for our freedom here at home and not just at enemy lines I fear.

So yesterday I hope everyone enjoyed their independence and freedoms that so many around the world don’t have.  I for one enjoyed every minute of my freedom and will continue to until it is stripped of me and I know my family is going to do the same. We made it through another 4th of July without any injuries and the kids had a blast watching dad shoot off fireworks and hold some roman candles and sparklers.  We look forward to many more and we thank God for the freedom we have.  I trust God will watch over our family and keep us safe and help the soldiers keep us safe from the enemies from over seas coming to our front door.  I just pray that God will be let back into this country before the enemy is our country.

God Bless America! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Independence Day!



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