Living in a World they didn’t make

Be advised this post is a bit lengthy and I’m kind of jumping up on my soap box, but it is respectful I feel.

Today I can’t help but be absolutely disgusted with this hell we call a country.  In the last week there were two black men who have lost their lives at the hands of cops for no reason, in my and many others eyes, and now 5 cops have lost their lives at the hand of some “fighting back”

This isn’t a matter of black or white, badge or no badge anymore it’s a matter of humanity.  Each life that was taken in this past week were all humans, I don’t care what color they were or if they were a boy in blue every single one of them was human.  Each one of them had a family at home whether they had a wife and children, or just a wife or just children either way they were waiting for that person to come home…..and they didn’t.  Unfortunately last nights events in Dallas were all because of, I feel, the way our cops are trained these days and I think racial profiling. How is it the cops faults?  I’m not saying it was the cops in Dallas’ fault, I’m saying it’s how they are being trained.  It is proven that a black individual is 21 times more likely to be shot then a white person, whether they are carrying a gun illegally or legally.  Neither individual should’ve lost their lives.  They are saying that Alton Sterling was reaching for his gun when he had two police officers kneeling on top of him and had a pistol pointed right at his chest.  I have a hard time believing this first because if you pause the video where you see him being held down and the pistol on his chest you can see that the one cop has a knee on Alton’s left arm and his right arm is being held onto by the cops hand that isn’t holding the gun.  Second, who would think to themselves “hey I’ve got two cops holding me down, a pistol pointing at my chest I think I’m going to reach for the gun on my hip and attempt to take out two cops.”  Really?  I don’t think so.
altonsterling.jpg-fox news (picture credit: Fox news)
As for Philando, it is said that he told the police officer that he did have a pistol and had a permit for it.  He went to reach for his license and registration when the cop freaked out and started yelling at him followed by four shots in his arm.  Again, why would someone who is driving in a car with his girlfriend and child in the back seat reach for a gun and attempt to shoot a police officer causing him to possibly fire shots into the car that could hit his girlfriend and the little girl in the back seat. (photo
Now mind you I’m not the worlds biggest fan when it comes to black individuals because there are a lot of them out there that are a bunch of idiots and would do that, but I also know that not all black people are bad.  There are some out there that are actually decent members of society and are just trying to provide for their family.  But because cops have this mentality that they need to get home to their families safely it seems like they shoot at everything in their path, when in all actuality the reason you took that job was to serve and protect your community, not kill them.  If you are being shot at, have a gun pointed at you, then by all means fire cause then it comes down to you or them.  But if someone is reaching for a gun, who says you have to shoot to kill?  You don’t, if you’re a good shot you should be able to just injure that individual then ask questions.  It’s not the polices job to shot then ask questions, that is the militaries job.
I understand that being a cop must be very stressful, but there’s really no place for over reacting or panic.  I feel like if you panic quickly in a situation when you’re a cop, you shouldn’t be a cop.  They need to have clear heads.  I can understand not being able to have time to foresee what may come from your actions, but if the man told you he had a gun he wasn’t doing anything wrong.  He was licensed to carry it, and cops have asked that if you are carrying a fire arm to inform them when they approach your car.  Philando did just that, he also was going to give the cop his licence and registration like he asked.  So where in this situation was it necessary for the discharge of that officers fire arm?  Why did he feel threatened by this individual?  Was it his color?  Again not all of them are bad and out to get you.  If he wanted to shoot you I don’t think he would’ve told you he had a gun, he would’ve just pulled it and shot you.  Another thing I understand though from the cops point of view is there are a lot of cops that have lost their lives to black individuals, so I’m sure that does sit in the back of ones mind.  But some of those cops that have lost their lives at the hand of a black individual was from retaliation of a cop shooting another black person…..all I know is the blacks and cops have a serious mess they need to figure out.

So with these two individuals lives being taken unnecessarily, it pissed off a large community and during protests in Dallas 12 police officers were shot at, some injured some loosing their lives.  Why do people think that using hate to resolve hate resolves anything?  It doesn’t it creates more hate and more darkness.  You can’t use darkness to create light in a situation, the only way to solve a dark issue is to use light or love.  I’m not saying we need to revert to the hippies and their “peace and love” tactics, I’m saying we need to stop murdering each other.  Stop rioting when a cop shoots someone, there are times where it was legitimate and had to be done.  Some of the ones that were injust, yes it’s frustrating that just because you have a badge it justifies it because it shouldn’t.  But that doesn’t mean you go in the streets and light peoples businesses on fire that had nothing to do with it, or completely destroy a town.  Instead why don’t you band together peacefully and mourn that person in a respectful manner.  When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up on a Montgomery bus for a white person and was arrested for it, did all the black people in Montgomery run into the streets and start lighting buildings and cars on fire and riot late into the night or for a week at a time?  NO.  instead they boycotted the Montgomery bus system and just didn’t ride the bus, which if you think about it probably lost the bus system a decent amount of money.  See that’s peaceful. No cops where shot, nobody lost their business or vehicles, the bus system was the only one damaged. Directing violence towards the entire police force is not how you make your point, it just gets more of you shot.

In 1989 Janet Jackson came out with a song titled Living in a World (they didn’t make) which was influenced by the Stockton School Yard shooting in Stockton California on January 17, 1989.  The lyrics of the song play in my head every time I see something like the events from this last week happen and I look at the kids.  The lyrics are as follows: “Children are called the future of an adult world, they are born with spirits so innocent
Til we teach them how to hate.  Add to the world’s confusion, we teach our kids rules
That we don’t adhere to ourselves, right or wrong. What example can they take, the people we learn from forge the ideas we become.  Living in a world they didn’t make, Living in a world that’s filled with hate, Living in a world where grown-ups break the rules. Living in a world they didn’t make, Paying for a lot of adult mistakes, how much of this madness can they take, Our children. Children grow to become our young adults, Problems of the world, they must learn how to confront. Doing drugs and joining gangs to rebel. Colors show they belong to the social override cause they’re living in a space they feel out of place.”  When this song is playing in my head and I’m looking at the babies I brought into this world I can’t help but think to myself “what did I do?  What did I bring you into?”  I love my kids with all my heart, if that isn’t blatantly obvious you haven’t been paying attention to my previous posts, but I’m constantly fearing for their future.  On the other hand you can’t put your life on hold because the world can’t seem to get their crap together and miss out on the happiness that a child can bring.  The lyrics hit the nail right on the head though.  They are living in a world they didn’t make, they are born so innocent not knowing the differences between black, white, mexican, asian, indian or any other nationality all they know is love.  Then we teach them to hate and lay down rules for them that we as adults don’t even follow ourselves.  Do unto others as you would have done to you, I’m pretty sure that philosophy is no longer existent.

Some people think that my husband and I have instilled hate for blacks into our kids, that is so far from the truth it’s unreal.  My husband has legitimate reasons for not liking most of the black race,  if you grew up in some of the areas he did and seen what some of them are capable of; really all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch them riot and pull this black lives matter card; then you’d understand why he doesn’t like them.  But on the other hand he also shows them respect, those who give him respect and have given him absolutely no reason for him to not respect them then he gives them nothing but respect.  I’ve seen the man sit and B.S with a black guy for a few minutes, so don’t tell me he’s molding our son to hate.  I had developed the dislike just because of the crap I’ve seen them do and the crap that they have brought to my state.  His dislike for blacks is fueled like my dislike for natives is fueled.  I grew up with natives I can’t stand them.  They will steal from you, they are drunks, and I just don’t like to be around them.  I know there are some out there that are decent members of society just like there are blacks.  I know that all races have bad in them and THAT’S  what we’ve taught our son and will teach our daughter too.  But our son is also a very smart little man.  If my husband and I are watching the news, our son doesn’t even have to be watching it he could be with in the line of site of the TV and they will talk about someone robbing a convenience store or liquor store or some Joe Schmoe on the street, and when they show the suspect that is in custody lately 3/4 of them have been colored.  He puts two and two together, he may not ask right away but later on he will ask why are blacks so bad and always stealing or shooting?  To be honest I want to look at him and say I don’t have an answer for that cause I want to know the same thing.  Instead I say I don’t know, I think a good amount of it might be because of the way they are raised.  Then I say not all blacks shoot people or commit crimes.  Then we have the talk about how every race has bad in it.  So no we don’t pound into our kids heads that blacks are all bad, we teach them that they need to give respect to everyone until they give you a reason to not give them respect in return.
I feel like the reason that the large amount of blacks end up being targeted is because a decent amount of them put that target there, but that’s because they don’t know any different.
It’s a cycle, maybe they were raised in the ghetto like their parents and that’s all they know is the drugs, the alcohol, the food stamps, the shootings, the “defending” your turf or your reputation type a deal.  If you take a black girl who is raised in a typical middle class situation where her parents were raised to go to school, then go to college and then get a job, she is more likely to grow up going to school, then going to college and getting a job to support her family.  You take another black girl who is raised in the ghetto watching dad be in and out of prison all her life, watching him abuse her mom when he is home, watching random individuals come in and out of their home and slam, smoke of snort drugs into their body and live off of government welfare all her life she is likely to live that same life style.  Yes there are some that can break that cycle and say they want better for themselves and end up becoming doctors, lawyers, movie stars, singer songwriters.  But it’s not as high of a possibility as that boy coming from a home filled with gang bangers to more than likely become one his self.  If you don’t teach your children any better than they don’t know any better, it’s all they know how to do.  Then there’s the ones that don’t know how to deal with all the confrontations that the world throws in our faces on a daily basis and the only way these kids know how to cope is with drugs and alcohol or being with a “crew” that will have your back and save you from the insanity that is running in the streets.
I know there are parents out there that are like my husband and myself and will do everything in their power to raise their kids to know right from wrong, to show respect for others until they give you a reason not to, to protect yourself when needed, and that you need to work for what you want, and that things aren’t always going to go the way you want.  We will try to prepare them the best we can to cope with the things that are thrown at them and for the evil that is in this world.   I just pray that once they get to that point where we as parents can’t teach them much more and it’s up to them that they are smart and make smart decisions.

I close with this.  Could you imagine being the family member to Alton and receiving that phone call after you thought he was fine and out just trying to earn a living for his family.  Or what about the girlfriend to Philando and watching your loved one get shot and die in front of you and your daughter, can you imagine the fear that the cop instilled in that little girl?  How is she ever supposed to trust a cop now?  Or sitting at home while your husband or wife is out patrolling the streets of Dallas then you see the chaos of a shooting unfolding on the TV right in front of your eyes and praying to God that you don’t get a phone call.  Try and put yourself in the shoes of the family members of those cops that watched it unfold on TV then your phone rings…….Just do me a favor and take a moment of silence for all of them.  The two black men who were wrongfully executed and the fallen officers.  I said it earlier and I’ll probably say it many more times….It’s not a black lives matter, white lives matter, or cops lives matter, it’s an all lives matter type deal.  This nation needs to stand together to fight the real war over seas and stop fighting each other here at home and spill blood on our streets.  This is not the country I want my kids, nephews and nieces to grow up in, but sadly I fear it’s not going to get any better……


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