Our Temporary Home

Yesterday July 9th 2016 God gained another angel, my Great Aunt Lois.  She had been fighting cancer for as long as I can remember.  My grandma, her sister in law, had breast cancer I think the same time that Lois did.  My grandma beat her cancer from the prognosis date by 10 years and lost her fight on September 15th, 2002; I’ll never forget it because it was the day my world at the time had shattered.  But, Lois had also gone into remission for a really long time and only as of recently did the cancer come back.  I had heard from family that she was in the hospital a couple of times and was pretty sick, I should’ve gone to see her but I didn’t.  But she fought a good fight for a long time against such an ugly disease.  I know she was surrounded by nothing but love when she left and entered the Kingdom of God.  My only regret while we were living in the same town was I didn’t go and see her.  I should’ve taken the kids to see her because I know she would’ve of loved it.  But you can’t change what’s been, I know she saw pictures of them and I’m sure she loved them just as much as if I would’ve taken them to see her.  She out lived her husband, my grandma’s brother, by 6 years.  I can only imagine the welcome she had when she got to heaven.  Having her son, her husband, multiple brothers and sister in laws and I don’t know about her family but I’m sure it was a heck of a home-coming.

After I received the news this morning from my dad I kept my cool until I had gotten off the phone.  When I hung up I set the phone on the counter and there were a few tears, then after about 5 minutes it hit kind of hard.  As I get older more and more of that generation are going to leave their temporary home and be called home.  It’s sad and beautiful all in the same moment.  She’s not hurting or suffering anymore, and she’s in such a better and beautiful place.  I can’t imagine how beautiful heaven is, I imagine it in my mind ever so often and see all these beautiful people who are healthy and pain-free, and have smiles on their faces all the time.  No heartache, no disappointment, just happy and having fun.
When Carrie Underwood came out with “Temporary Home” in 2009, I was still learning to accept the death of my grandma and when I heard the last verse in the song it helped me cope so much better and it made more sense to me.  So ever since that song whenever I lose someone in my life to death I listen to that song and shed a few tears for the lost, because lets face it no matter how much that person needed to go home it still hurts to lose loved ones. But after the song is over I learn to welcome it and accept it more.  I’m sure there will be more tears shed in the days or weeks to come, but they won’t be all sad there will be tears of joy too.  I learned a very important thing from my Great Aunt and Uncle Carl and Lois about marriage, take time for the two of you.  When their kids were growing up one year for a family vacation they would go with their kids and the next they would take a vacation with just the two of them, and Lois told me that’s what made their marriage last.  They didn’t lose sight of each other.  That is what she told me on my wedding day.  I want to start following that philosophy because I don’t want to loose sight of my husband and loose everything that we’ve fought so hard for and all we’ve invested into each other.  My marriage goal has really always been to have a marriage like theirs, together until one of us passes away.  They were married for 60 years, if I remember right, and that is beautiful in my eyes.

So today I don’t say goodbye to someone in my life that has been a role model to me more than she probably knows, I say I’ll see you soon I love you and say hi to grandma for me .
“Old man, hospital bed, the room is filled with people he loves, and he whispers “Don’t cry for me, I’ll see you all someday” He looks up and says, “I can see God’s face”.  This is my temporary home, it’s not where I belong. Windows and rooms that I’m passing through.  This was just a stop on the way to where I’m going, I’m not afraid because I know. This was my temporary home.”

Rest in Peace Lois…..lois


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