Happiness-something you design for the future

Today I want to try something different. |
Every day I get an inspirational quote, kind of to try to start my day off in the right direction and with a positive attitude.  Today’s Brainy Quote was “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the future.” – Jim Rohn.  Then there is usually a life quote that goes with it “The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy-that’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn.  These are two different quotes from two completely different people, two quotes that coincide each other and are absolutely beautiful.  Two quotes that I believe anyone who may be struggling with anything in their life right now needs to read and hear.

I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves to be happy, the reality of it is that you can’t be happy all the time unfortunately.  There are things in life that infringe on that happiness, how you deal with those road blocks all depends on you and sometimes the situation.  For example someone passing away.  It’s a hard hit to take sometimes, depending on who they are to you.  I used to take those hits really really hard.  As I’ve gotten older I still take those hard and shed a few tears but I’ve also learned that no one is meant to live forever.   Technically the Lord is just lending everyone to us until it is time for them to go home.  I cry because I will miss them but I also cry tears of joy because they are finally home and are in such a better place.  They aren’t hurting anymore, they aren’t fighting to keep going, they are with our Father and I feel a lot better with them up there on my side.  I don’t always accept death that way.  When the Lord takes someone and it feels too soon and they are too young those are really hard to wrap your head around.  I’ve been lucky to not have to experience too much of that.  If anything were to happen and for some reason one of the kids was taken too soon I’d really struggle with it, I know I would.  But I have also learned in life that dwelling on things isn’t good for anyone around you and doesn’t help with anything.  So I would try my hardest to not dwell on it and focus on what and who are still here.
Some people don’t take loosing a job a real well, some don’t take break ups real well.  There is always something in our lives that is going to be thrown at us that is going to make the happiness we want in our lives hard to have constantly.  There is always going to be some sort of disappointment that we have to deal with making it difficult to always achieve complete happiness.

But what if we started to learn how to accept those disappointments as they come, learn that there isn’t anything you can do to change it and dwelling on it is just making you unhappy and miserable.  In the last month I’ve uncovered a lot of situations and issues that at one point made me extremely unhappy and hurt me.  But in the last few days I’ve been teaching myself and learning how to deal with it all so that I can have that happiness in my life again.  I’d been keeping all these issues hidden and pretending they aren’t there so I could try to be happy right now.  Now I can’t sit here and say that my entire life is miserable, that I am unhappy with my life because I’m not.  I have two beautiful babies that are bringing a smile to my face every day with something they do.  I have a husband that does and says some of the funniest things, that man is always trying to find a way to make me smile and laugh.  I have a dog and cat that are constantly entertaining me some way or another.  I have a job that is steady and keeps the bills paid and gives me the opportunity to be home with my family, I would never have that anywhere else.  I live in the country 45 minutes from the chaos and insanity that is happening in the city.  So there is so much in my life to be happy and blessed about and I thank God every day for it all.  But like everyone else out there I do have some things going on in my life that can hinder all that happiness from time to time.  Me learning how to deal with it all so it doesn’t suck all the happiness from me is half the battle.  And thankfully I’m finding ways to fight that battle.  Ways to accept all that’s happened, all that’s been said and learn from it all and find my inner happiness, because that is really what has faded is a lot of inner happiness from what has happened.

Ways of getting through these difficult times for me are writing, singing, crying, seeing the truth behind the lies that were said about me.  The more situations I face head on the happier I’ve been feeling the last two days.  They say one foot in front of the other and taking it one day and one situation at a time and things will get better and they are right.  I’ve noticed if I take each incident one at a time I don’t get as overwhelmed and sadness won’t completely take me over for the day.  I can face the situation better, find what needs to be fixed or accepted with it, fix and or accept it and move on with my day.  I’m not going to postpone any of my happiness anymore, and I don’t think anyone should.  We need to be happy with ourselves and what’s going on in our lives in order to be happy with the other people in our lives.  I’ve found when I’m happy and in a good mood so is the rest of my family.  When I’m grumpy so is everyone else.  So why put off the happiness and memories that can be made today for tomorrow or next week.  You should be able to be happy every day of your life, because there might not be tomorrow.  So find what makes you happy and what keeps you happy.  Everything else can be faced a little bit at a time but don’t dwell on it.  It will all sort it’s self out eventually.  Take whatever and whoever takes your happiness away and set them free, there’s no room for toxicity and negativity in this world especially not in mine.  When your happy your healthier, and I for one want to be a happier and healthier wife and momma and enjoy my life today and in the future.

Enjoy life and find happiness my friends-because that’s what this crazy life needs and is all about.  At least that’s what it should be about.  Have a wonderful day full of laughs and love.  Surround yourself in it because after all you deserve it right?


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