Flags at half staff…..

The day after the attacks on France last week I received an email that said that Obama has declared that we need to put our flags at half staff until Tuesday at sunset.  Then of course the shootings in Baton Rouge happened and 3 police officers lost their lives, so once again another declaration to have the flags remain at half staff until Friday at sunset.  This seems to be the norm lately.  About once a week or once every other week I’m walking out to my flag pole outside of my office and dropping that flag to half staff after what seems like I just put it at full staff.  I feel like we should just keep it at half staff, it seems to be there all the time anyway.

I have no problem honoring the fallen officers in this country, they are considered home hero’s and yes deserve a little bit of respect for putting their lives on the line.  But since when do we put our flag at half staff for other countries?  Has that always been a thing or is that just a recent thing.  And why do we do it for other countries?  I mean I know it’s showing them that we support them and are honoring the victims lost in attacks that happened, but that’s not consistent with the Flag Code.  The Flag Code for flying at half staff is as follows(the shorten condensed version): “the flag should be put at half-staff to commemorate Memorial Day, and the deaths of high-ranking government officials, among other incidents.”  So where in there does it say that we are supposed to fly our flags at half staff for other countries?  I don’t see it, maybe I’m completely missing it but last I checked no other country flies their flags in honor of the US so why do we fly ours for everyone else.  I thought it was supposed to represent the USA, not the USA and everyone in the world.

The Flag is supposed to stand as a symbol, for many it stands as a symbol of pride and when it comes to those in the Armed Forces it’s a symbol of freedom and pride for those who have fallen and fought to keep that flag flying.  The actual meaning according to USflag.org the white stripes in our flag represents the innocence and purity, Red hardiness and valor, Blue the color of the chief signifies vigilance, perseverance and Justice.  The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun.”  It is supposed to represent this country in its entirety, the 50 stars for the 50 states and the 13 stripes for the 13 original colonies.  There is nothing on that flag that represents any other country.  Don’t get me wrong I have no problem supporting other countries when there is a tragedy, but I don’t believe we need to put our flags at half staff to do it.  If this country wouldn’t have put the lovely separation of church and state B.S. out there we could do a nation wide moment of prayer for those who lost their lives, like we used to do.  In the last year we have had our flag at half staff on 9 occasions that involved a tragedy. First tragedy was exactly a year ago today with the shootings in Chattanooga Tennessee for the soldiers that lost their lives to a crazed psychopath on home soil, not over seas.  Second was for the tragedy in Roseburg Oregon with the college shootings there.  Third was for the Paris terrorist attacks in the night club.  Fourth was when the San Bernardino attacks happened.  Fifth was the attacks on Brussels Belgium.  Sixth was the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.  Seventh was the Dallas police officers that were gunned down.  Eighth was the attacks in Nice France and lastly(for now) is the police officers that were gunned down in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  I have absolutely no issues with honoring the fallen police officers.  What I do have an issue with is lowering it for a college shooting of any sort, for another country being attacked, for the attacks in San Bernardino, for a nightclub shooting.  None of those qualify for the Flag Code.

I know what some of you might be thinking, wow really you don’t want to honor those who lost their lives in a school shooting, a nightclub or from another country.  No that’s not it at all.  I don’t think every time there is a tragedy the flag needs to be lowered.  There’s no reason for it.  Like I said, bring back the national moment of prayer to honor the people who lost their lives in those horrendous acts.  After the Orlando shooting and Obama declared that flags be put at half staff to honor the victims that lost there lives the Baldwin County Commissioner, Tucker Dorsey, refused to put the flag at half staff.  His reasoning behind it is very much how I feel and I think he hit it right on the head.  He said on Facebook it’s not a  “valid circumstance or memorial as specified in the U.S. flag code.”  He also said it’s a better show to keep the flag up there, “holding our head up with courage above all others.”  and he’s right.  Why do we constantly drop it like a dog tucking its tail between it’s legs and running.  Instead of tucking our tail we should keep it flying high above the land to show everyone that just because we are in mourning over the tragic events that occurred we are standing together with our heads held high and will fight off any power that may want to take us out.  Fly that flag high with pride when something tragic occurs.  Show the world that this nation is united as one and we are a some tough sons of bitches to come head to head with.  I get that its common practice to fly them at half staff during highly publicized tragedies, but why?  Like I said why can’t we hold our heads high and show other nations that we aren’t going to let this get us down.  Instead, let it fuel that fire to want to take the enemy out.  To take out the illegals that are coming over here and taking us out.  To find the psychos that are American citizens and free to walk this country without any repercussions.  The ones that should be held responsible for the shooting of those guns that everyone has determined they fire themselves.  Put more effort behind those efforts instead of tucking our tails and running.

I just feel like if we are going to continually honor the fallen police and fallen civilians in this country we might as well just keep our flag at half staff because it may not happen every day, but I bet you ten bucks there is a soldier that is serving their time over seas and looses their life at least once a week.  Why don’t we honor them other than veterans day or Memorial day?  We have soldiers that die on a weekly basis, but you don’t hear about it and you sure as hell don’t hear our president dishing out a declaration for that lost life.  Why are the lives that are lost on home soil more important than the ones over seas fighting to keep this country free?  They should both be just as important as the next.  We need to go back to honoring our flag the way it’s supposed to be, the way it was when it originally came to be.  Honor those who truly deserve it and for the sake of this country let the separation of church and state shit go out the window.  Lets come back together as One Nation under God and pray in mass quantities for those who have been taken too soon from a bomb, knife, or gun and for the families that have lost those loved ones.  That’s what we truly need.


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