Setting a schedule

Hello Everyone.  For my first post as blogger with more rhyme for my reason I am going to talk about that one thing that will be or already has started for our kids……School.

I have many mixed emotions about this year.  Little man starts kindergarten which is a big step.  He’ll be there all day, no naps, there every day not just 4, it’s a totally different scene from preschool.  I’m excited but a little bummed.  Excited to not have to play referee all day between him and his sister.  But bummed because he is a big helper when he is home. He’s always helping me keep an eye on his sister, with some persuasion I can get help with house work, and he is usually helping me decide what to make for dinner.  It’s hard that they spend more time with your kids then you do, but I guess I could always home school.  I don’t have the patience for home school though.  So there is a couple of different emotions there just with his dad and I though, he is absolutely ecstatic to be starting.  We started prepping about 2 weeks ago.  The ideas him and I came up with have worked so well there have been mornings he is getting up before me or his alarm.  If you need some ideas here is what we came up with.

3 weeks before school.  The National Sleep foundation recommends that children aged 3-5 get 11-13 hours of sleep each night. Children aged 6-13 need 9-11 hours.  The best rule of thumb is the younger the age the more hours, example a 3 year old should get 13 hours of sleep or a 6 year old should get about 11 hours of sleep.  Click the link to head over to the National Sleep Foundations website to find out more about children and sleep
So for our routine we decide what time his final bedtime for the year would be.  His dad and I came up with 8:30 is a good time for him when he is getting up at 6:45.   We wanted to ease him into going to bed that early so three weeks before school is supposed to start we started getting him ready for bed at 9:30pm.  No more watching TV before bed, he gets to read a few chapters out of the new series we have decided to read, The Magic Tree House books and then its lights out.  In the morning he started by getting up at 8am that week.  I didn’t want him just getting up and sitting around so I made him a chart that he could follow for his new morning routine.  Once all of that was done then he could watch TV.


2 weeks before school.  We bumped him down to 9pm and up at 7:30am.  Since he has so much down time still I made him another chart, except this one is a chore chart.  He is 6 years old so he can start doing some chores and get an allowance.

1 week before school. He is now bumped down to 8:30pm for bed time.  We start getting ready at 8pm though so that lights are out at 8:30.  He is getting up at 7am.  This morning he was up and out of bed before me at 6:30.  I couldn’t believe it.  But it is working so well he is falling asleep within 5 minutes of lights out and he’s getting plenty of sleep and mom is getting some her time without any kids interrupting her show…WONDERFUL!  win win for everyone.

For more ideas on how to get your kiddo on a great sleep schedule for their age check out a few of these links from pinterest:

Back To School Sleep Routines: 5 Tips To Get Back on Track

And for some morning routine ideas and tips check out these links from pinterest:

Helping kids get ready for school quicker in the morning (stress free)

Tips for making your Morning and After School Routines a Breeze!

Back to School-Chore Charts for Before and After School

So along with getting on schedule there is all the things we’ve been doing to prepare him for the big day.  Picking out what he is going to eat for breakfast the morning of, what he is going to wear and this week we are going to pick out what he is going to take for his first day of school lunch.  Which brings up an entirely different ball game.

School lunch for Johnny is a constant battle.  I try to send certain things with him and he either wont eat them or even try them to see if he likes them.  Feeding Johnny in general is a battle.  It’s a constant war with his dad and I wanting him to eat something other than pizza, pizza rolls, taco’s, hot dogs, spaghetti, mac n cheese, cinnamon toast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and jelly wrap and just about an all around carb diet.  No wonder he has so much energy.  I’ve been able to sneak veggies in to him in the spaghetti sauce a few times with out him noticing and some black beans mashed into his taco but I’m still working on the other meals and getting veggies into those.  He has recently taken a liking to ham so that’s a plus.  Anyway I wanted to find a few different ideas for lunches for picky eaters and I found a ton!  I went through one menu and picked out enough meals for this picky kid to last about a months worth of school lunches! Plus he said he is willing to try everyone that I have written down.  YAY!  Now each night before bed I’ll have him pick a main dish and two sides.  For the sites to ideas for picky eaters follow these links from pinterest:

School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

30+ School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

30 days of lunchbox recipes: No Repeats!

For those of you who have children that will eat anything you put in front of them, like my daughter, here are some fun ideas I found while on pinterest for fun lunches for kids:

5 School Lunch Ideas to Make Your Kids Smile!

AND a link to some healthy snacks, because that’s mostly all that’s allowed in this house anymore, for after school at home or on the bus:

50+ Healthy Snacks On the Go for Kids!

I hope some of these websites help you with organizing to get the kids to school on time and make your life a little less stressful and a give you more time for you!

To follow my constant pinning fun on the world of pinterest just click the link




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