Preperation is more than half the battle

In the last 8 months I have learned a lot about the foods that I put into my body, my husband’s body and kids bodies. When we put junk into our bodies there is usually no good out come from it.  I personally feel very tired and just all around blah.  Don’t want to play with the kids just want to lay on the couch and veg out while watching one of the many shows I record or have become addicted to on Netflix.  The kids I’ve noticed are kind of the same way.  If I feed Jemma a donut for breakfast, for the rest of the day it’s like she just wants to veg on the couch with me.  That’s not a good habit.  But when she eats toast with almond butter, or some scrambled eggs she seems to want to do more and is hell bent on getting outside.  Johnny on the other hand you can feed that child anything and he’s still going 110 mph, plus I think a lot of our bodies are a little more resilient to that junk when we are young.  So now that I’ve observed what these foods will do to myself and my family I had to start to teach myself to prep for the week.  I started having to prep for a couple of days at a time instead of a weeks worth because we would end up with wasted leftovers and my fridge couldn’t hold all my prepping.  With my rollercoaster of being on top of eating healthy and eating like crap for the past three months a light finally came on that I shut off somewhere in the last few months and reminded me that preparing meals really wasn’t half of the battle, it’s a lot closer to “the battle”.

It is proven that staying healthy or attempting to lose weight revolves around 80% of what you eat.  The other 20% is exercise.  When I wouldn’t take the time either one day out of the week to prep meals or take the night before to prep the meals for the next day I eat like crap and so does the rest of the family.  I would get up in the morning and make breakfast for everyone and have it waiting for them when they got out of bed.  I’d leave for work and have a healthy start going for me.  I’d either bring a protein bar to work so I could have a snack or I’d bring Almonds and some Craisins to munch on.  Then I’d get home and have to make lunch.  I wouldn’t feel like putting effort into something like a salad topped with shrimp, or grill some chicken breast or salmon.  So I’d end up eating something that wasn’t as healthy like oven baked chicken nuggets and french fries, which would put me over on my carb intake for the day.  Or I’d throw a can of soup in the microwave, which is loaded with so much sodium I’d feel like crap after I’d get done eating it.  Dinner would be healthier again because I had time to think about what I was going to make and feel more like cooking.  So with school in full swing I have to get Johnny’s lunches ready almost every night before I go to bed anyway, he’s a very picky eater and rarely will eat hot lunch, I thought to myself why not get back into the groove of prepping our meals and not only that do some bed time yoga while I was at it.  Last night after the kids were in bed, I slipped out of the middle of them in the bed and went downstairs to tackle my new nightly mission.  I pulled out all my ingredients for what I was going to make for today and a little more for a couple other days if I had time to get around to it.

I follow the 21 day fix program when it come to portion control.  I learned so much from this program on portion control, lost 20 pounds with it and LOVE the program.  So it is my fail safe when I need help staying on top of portion control, because it’s not always about what you eat but about how much.  I could make the healthiest meal in the world, but if I over eat while I’m eating it, it defeats the purpose.  Just because your eating healthy doesn’t give you a free ride to stuff yourself till your about to explode.  That was a really hard habit to break, especially being a mom of children who have leftovers and I hate wasting food.  But the following containers are what I follow for portion control.
Green and purple – 1 cup of Veggies and Fruit. Red- 3/4 cup of proteins. Yellow – 1/2 cup of carbs.  Blue – 1/4 cup of healthy fats (ex. avocados, cheese) Orange – 3 tablespoons of seeds and dressings.

So all that you see in the picture above is a mixture of breakfast and mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack and dinner.  I didn’t picture the water but water is a BIG deal too!

Everything that is in the picture and will be used for food for today and maybe some other days this week:
* 2 chicken breasts
* 1 pound of extra small shrimp(a bag)
* 1 can of dark red kidney beans
* 1 can of black beans
* 1 can of chili beans
* 1 can of whole kernel corn
* 1 container of steel cut Quaker Oats oat meal
* 1 large container of strawberries
* 1 large container of blackberries
* 1 bundle of Asparagus
* 1 medium sized bag of shredded cheddar
* 1 bag of whole wheat tortillas
* 1 box of Skinny Girl popcorn(love these for portion control)
* 1 bag of pretzel chips
* 1 jar of almond butter
* 1 Jar of caramel almond butter
* 1 large container of Noosa yogurt-honey
* 1 bag of 3 romaine lettuce
* 1 bag of Craisins strawberry
* 1 bag of dried cranberries
* 1 bag of lightly salted almonds
* 4 peaches
* Almond Milk reduced sugar(supposed to be unsweetened but every once in a while I like to switch them up)
* 1 bottle Olive Garden Italian dressing Light
* 1 bottle of lemon Juice
* 1 bag of baby carrots
* 1 container of cherry tomatoes
* 1 dozen hard boilde eggs
* 1 container of GMC Total Lean Lean Shake Vanilla protien powder.
* 1 container of mushrooms
* 1 ziploc baggy of onions-fresh from the garden
* MANY cucumbers from my garden
* 1 jar of ND made honey – wonderful for a natural sweetner
* 1 Avocado
* 1 container of Low fat cream cheese

I started with breakfast.  I made enough oatmeal for 4 mornings.
First Morning- Oatmeal with 1/2 a tablespoon of almond butter and 1/2 a tablespoon of caramel almond butter. Drizzle honey on top and cinnamon.  Mix it together and throw it in the fridge.
Second Morning- Oatmeal with blackberries.  Mash blackberries up, mix in with oatmeal and honey and place that in the fridge.
Third Morning – Oatmeal with Strawberries and bananas.  Mash Strawberries and bananas, mix together in bowl with oatmeal and some honey, cover and set in fridge.
Fourth Morning- Oatmeal with Peaches.  Skin and cut peaches, mash them up real well mix with honey and oatmeal cover and place in fridge.  Once you go to eat any of these drop a tablespoon of protein powder or greek vanilla yogurt (or in my case honey Austrian yogurt) in with the oatmeal, after you heat, for a touch more sweetness.
Fifth Morning- 1 yellow container of Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crisp with 8 oz of almond milk.
Sixth Morning- 1 slice of Wheat toast with a Tablespoon of almond butter and 1 scrambled egg.
Seventh Morning- This is usually Sunday, so we have either pancakes and eggs or oatmeal or pancakes eggs and sausage or bacon.  I would use 1 red container of eggs, 2 sausage or bacon links and 1/2 pancake. Or 1 yellow container of oatmeal with fruit or almond butter.  These are all wonderful breakfast ideas that I like to go back to often and will keep you full for up to 3-4 hours.  If you would like more recipes or breakfast ideas that are healthy head on over to Beach Body’s website and check out more wonderful breakfast choices


Next was Lunch.  I’m really big on salads.  I love them because you can do so many different things with them.  You can make strawberry salads with almonds and cheese chunks. You can top them with pulled pork and BBQ sauce (delicious!). The possibilities with lettuce salads are never ending.  If you want to be adventurous try some they feature on the Beach Body website

I stuck with one of my go to favorites.  Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, mushrooms, and 1 hard boiled egg and some shredded cheddar and slivered almonds. Then sautéed some shrimp in lemon juice, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and 2 drops of soy sauce.  Measured everything out and put it in some containers that are easy to grab and throw into a bowl and top with your favorite dressing. Resized_20160829_102056

Then for a random snack or side dish later this week I took about 2 of the 17 cucumbers I picked the other day out of the garden and 1 of the onions, sliced them up sprinkled a little bit of salt and pepper.  Then when we are ready(I pick it up from the store)  I will take some plain greek yogurt and vinegar and a tablespoon of mayo in with it all and make a refreshing cucumber salad. Resized_20160829_101908

Then for another snack or lunch idea I made some cucumber cream cheese and blackberry cream cheese wraps.  I took some chopped cucumbers and cream cheese and placed in a bowl mixed together and spread on a tortilla and put in a container and placed in the fridge with the other wrap I made, cream cheese and mashed blackberries with some honey rolled in a tortilla.

I could’ve taken the chicken and placed it in the crock pot over night and it would have been ready for tonight’s dinner, but I like my grill……a lot.  So I placed the chicken in the fridge to unthaw instead.  I took 2 large chicken breasts out so that I can split one with John tonight and grill the other one for a grilled chicken salad tomorrow or grilled chicken avocado wrap.  Then I will take cut up carrots, onions and mushrooms drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper in tin foil and grill until tender.

Lastly I put a few snacks together.  I like almonds, craisins-strawberry and dried cranberries.  Another really good snack that I like is pretzels with almond butter.  There are many different snacks that are out there.  Beach Body has some great ideas that taste great and those that I haven’t had look amazing.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be really expensive either.  There are so many amazing recipes out there for healthy eating and living a healthy life style.  You have this one body why not treat it with a little respect and love it deserves.  If you take care of it it will take care of you.  Stay healthy and enjoy this wonderful life that God has given us!


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