Enjoying time with them and to myself

Sundays are a wonderful day at my house.  It’s the one day a week that I get to sleep in past 6 am.  It’s the day that I wake up with the cutest little chubby cheeks looking at me and smiling with her Shirley Temple curls glistening in the morning sunlight that is peeking in through the window, that is to me the worlds greatest way to wake up.  Once we can no longer sit still for cuddles we roll out of bed and head downstairs and rally the rest of the troops for breakfast.  While they eat breakfast and watch their morning cartoons, it’s time for this mom to have some peace to herself.  I will go out on the front porch and drink my coffee while just relaxing and listening to birds chirp, watch the squirrels run around the yard trying to find food and the bunnies attempting to get into my garden (which I have locked down like Fort Knox from those little brats).  Its my 10 minutes of calming, to prepare me for a day of playing referee between the kids and tackling any projects that we may have.  I like to take a few minutes to just breathe and enjoy myself, I feel like I’m a better mother because it helps me keep my cool longer throughout the day and my patience isn’t shot within the first hour of separating the two little monsters from each other.  It also gives me a chance to enjoy my coffee quietly.
I love coffee.  Anyway you make it the odds of me drinking it are high. I do have favorites that I enjoy over others and like the occasional latte but for the most part I like my coffee black.  The first time I tried black coffee I was in the second grade, so like 8, and my soccer coach would give us sips of it when we were freezing.  She would always bring her big thermos of coffee but it never crossed her mind that she should bring a thermos of hot chocolate too for her players.  So you had all these 8 year olds running around the soccer field all hyped up on coffee, haha no wonder we had so much energy to play 3 games in a tournament and not get tired.  I started drinking it a lot more when I had our son.  The whole not sleeping at night thing and attempting to function during the day wasn’t working for me.  He ended up bottle feeding because of some issues with nursing so I didn’t have to worry about drinking too much.  When I started working for the vet clinic it was like my staple.  I drank a mug in the morning and afternoon, so when I became pregnant with our daughter cutting back to 8oz a day wasn’t really an option.  After a week of trying to drink just 8oz a day I kicked the habit completely and took up drinking tea, which is another drink I enjoy.  Once she was born and I went back to work I started to drink a small cup in the morning before work.  After 6 months of nursing and not having enough milk coming in I weaned her off of nursing then I could hit the coffee drinking full boar again, YAY!   But there is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning on my porch.  It’s like it makes the day so much better.  Then at night when the kiddos are in bed, drinking a glass of wine on the porch watching the sun go down, so relaxing.

I’ve had to start taking up these relaxing behaviors with all the stresses that I’ve been dealing with lately.  I’ve noticed it really helps.  Yoga I’ve learned is amazing at relieving stress from the day and even helps you heal mentally, plus great for weight loss.  I feel like keeping your mind clear before you go to bed helps your mind rest giving you a chance to fall asleep faster and get a better nights sleep, which we all know how important that is.  I’ve learned over the years, at least since I had our son, that everyone needs to take time for themselves especially women.  We seem to be the glue that keeps everything together and the one who keeps everything running smoothly.  We are usually the ones staying up late straightening up the house after the kids go to bed, getting lunches ready for school the next day, doing the laundry and everything else that goes into being a mother, a wife and a home owner.  Sometimes we just need to take a few moments for us or our fuses seem to get shorter quicker if we don’t, or mine does anyway.  I get so tired and run down when I don’t take a little time for just me.  When I put all I have into the kids, my husband, the house and all the chores that goes with it I get so worn out and just want to sleep.  So with Johnny being back in school we have a bit more structured schedule and I seem to take more time for me.  At first I felt guilty leaving the kids at the table eating breakfast and going on the porch to drink my coffee, cause really I could sit at the table with them and drink it, but when they didn’t seem to care either way I figured why not take that 10 minutes to me?  I spend almost every waking minute with them on Sundays already, 10 minutes to start the day off right wouldn’t hurt.  So far it hasn’t, if anything it has helped, like I said earlier it helps me clear my mind and prepare for what the kids or even life may throw at me for the day.  I can stay calm longer and the yelling has cut back DRAMATICALLY.  So always remember to take time for you.

The other thing I love about Sundays is the quality time I get with the kids.  Our daughter loves books, mostly just to look at, but when she’s in the mood to be read to I am the last person to deny her of it.  Usually on Sundays she will find one of her Disney Princess books, carry it out on to the porch hand it to me and smile.  So her and I will sit and read her book while her brother pops in and out of the porch to catch a quick look at the pictures.  We will play outside, if the mosquitoes aren’t bad and the weather is decent.  They will help dad and I around the house with chores and every once and while when I get a fire lit under my butt we will paint, color or whatever else we can find to do with crafts.  It’s time that I cherish with them.  They grow up so fast so every opportunity that I get to make memories with them I do.  Being the mom that I strive to be I want to give those memories to my kids so when they get older they don’t look back and see bad, or wonder why I did certain things or didn’t.  Don’t forget to spend some time with that special guy in your life too.  He has to deal with all the perks to being a parent too.  Whether he is a hard working bread winner or a stay at home dad that has a thousand projects brewing at once, they work hard too at keeping this family going and needs your love and time too.  My husband and I will take about 30 minutes to an hour at least 4 nights out of the week to spend time with each other once the kids are asleep.  When grandma and grandpa are around we usually pawn the kids off on them and take a date night, which by the way doesn’t have to be the normal dinner and movie either (I’ll get into those ideas on another post.)

There’s really nothing better then spending time with your loved ones and even with yourself.  You only get one chance to make beautiful memories and be the best you that you can be.  So take time for you, for your sanity, take time with those you love, your health and mental state needs it just as much as theirs does.  LIVE FOR TODAY MY FRIENDS!


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