cropped-20151123_161011.jpegMy Name is Jen. I am a mother of two beautiful children, a boy and girl, and wife to an amazing and supportive husband.  I am very blessed to have the three of them in my life.  All three of them have taught me something about life, myself and continue to teach me new things every day.  Along with being a mother and wife I’m also a Licensed vet tech, all though I am no longer in practice I still keep up with my license and make sure I’m up to date on all the new things that are coming out.  I now work for the United States Postal Service in our home town, it’s much different from the vet field but it can be rewarding at times and does help get the bills paid.  I’m also a believer in God.  I believe that he has brought some of the most important people into my life that started as friends and now have become family. I believe he brought my husband into my life to help me sort through all my baggage and make me a better person.  I believe he brought my best girl friend(s) into my life for a reason, which I will get into some time.  I’ve also in the last 5 months discovered a new love for eating healthy and being a little more fit, which has helped me lose weight and feel so much better about myself, which is half the battle.

My life:  I live in a small town in North Dakota, most of the state is made up of small towns, but it is great.  With all the crazy things happening in this world living where we do seems like the sanity that our family needs.  Maybe not even the sanity as much as the safety feature.  We have a dog and a cat.  Some day, maybe when the time is right we will have more pets like chickens and horses but right now we have plenty going on.  We are constantly updating our house and keeping up with maintaining the yard.  I have decided to grow a garden so we will find out how green my thumb really is.  I love living in the country, it’s a wonderful place to be and raise two children, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way…..this is where we belong. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and together for 8. He is one of the most amazing men I know, the other would be my dad.  He is the greatest partner, father, lover and biggest support system in my life.  The day he walked into my life my world did a complete 180.  I don’t know what it was about him but there was something about him that was different from all the other guys I had dated before.  With in a month I knew he was the one, and a month later we were engaged to be married.  Our adventures and love story is so fun to me and continues to unfold and make every day a great one.  My kids are the light of our eyes and their personalities are so vibrant.  Our son is always keeping us on our toes, but his imagination is amazing and never ending.  He has grown into such an amazing, respectful and loving little man and we are so proud to call him ours.  His sister is our little miss independent even at her young age.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it and you better give it to her or take cover, we take cover often in our house with her.  It’s tough teaching them they can’t have everything.

My blog: At first I really hadn’t figured out what if there was a specific purpose to my blogging other than trying to keep friends and family updated on what’s going on in our lives and my attempt at getting away from the toxicity that Facebook puts off.  Now I think I’ve decided to have a purpose around it.  So from here(8/17/2016) on there will be more of a structure to my blog.  I will be posting some of my favorite recipes, other recipes that look amazing and we will be trying.  Posting DIY gift, craft and other ideas within the DIY genre.  I will be posting holiday deco ideas, birthday deco and cake ideas that we’ve done or may do in the future.  I will also be posting some things that I’ve learned along the way with my gardening and our home improvement projects-what worked and what hasn’t.  I will also be posting CE opportunities to any of my vet tech friends out there and other ideas to help with your kiddo’s learning process.  Along with all of this I will also be posting some pet things for those of you who have fur babies and may be looking for solutions for things or getting help going in the right direction with certain things. Also some helpful tools that I’ve used to loose wieght and start getting back in shape. It’s still going to be a combination of a bunch of different things but there will be more focus to it!  Please enjoy!